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One Easy Way to Make an Enemy at Work

It's never fun to feel like you're alone at work. Having people you can count on around you can boost your confidence and productivity, and help you get through tough dilemmas when they pop up. It is also a critical part of advancing your career and your ability to influence strategy, direction, and resources. ...
Mar 20

Three Things Employers Can Expect When Employees Work Remotely

In March 2016, Forbes published an article listing 125 companies at which all or most of their employees work remotely. That number — up from 26 reportedly remote companies in 2014 — continues to grow year-over-year. FlexJobs, the creators of the list, forecast that more than 50 percent of people will work remotely by the year 2020. ...
Mar 15

Hidden disabilities at work: 'Every day I'm fatigued and in pain'

People with invisible disabilities face a daily dilemma of whether to conceal or reveal their conditions to colleagues.
“I’m constantly anxious that my ‘luck’ will run out. Either in being able to work at all, or that my workplace will run out of patience and I’ll be out of a job,” says Rebecca Allen, a data analyst in London. ...
Mar 7

How to Create a Healthy Work Space

Positioning your gear in the right spots and taking frequent breaks is crucial.
If you start your day pain-free and energetic but end it fatigued, rubbing the back of your neck after sitting in front of a computer all day, you may have an unhealthy work station. ...
Mar 3

9 things you can do today to be more productive tomorrow

Productivity is a process.
Before you can sit down and do things, you have to sit down and plan to do things. Which is why your ability to get things done tomorrow depends heavily on your ability to organize, schedule, and reflect today.
Below, we've rounded up nine relatively quick tasks you can complete right now to make the next day awesome. ...
Feb 22

6 Strategies for Better Online Visibility

Make sure the employers Googling you see positive, professional results.
When people search for your name online, what will they find? Be proactive in ensuring your future hiring manager finds the right information.
These six strategies will boost your online visibility and protect against unwanted search results:
Create awesome, authentic profiles. ...
Feb 15

Philadelphia Bars Employers from Requesting Salary History

Despite a threat from cable giant Comcast to take legal action, Philadelphia has banned employers from asking potential hires to provide their salary history, a move supporters say is a step toward closing the wage gap between men and women.
Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney signed the measure on Monday, and said he's confident the bill can withstand legal challenges. ...
Feb 10

7 Ways to Better Networking

Be the kind of person you want to add to your own business and social circles.

Many people (including me) offer advice on what it takes to be better at networking. One thing often is left out of that equation, however: Networking involves interacting with others, so it's worth asking what the average person believes it takes to become great. ...
Jan 30

3 Ways to Get Your Dream Job to Find You

IT professionals with competitive tech skills can now run their job searches on autopilot. Job opportunities regularly swarm their inboxes. Recruiters message them ceaselessly. Bidding wars break out on their behalf. Unless those IT roles actually adhere to candidates’ specific career goals or job expectations, all those offers are as worthless as junk mail. ...
Jan 25

My 10 Best Pieces of Career Advice for College Graduates

Giving advice to college graduates is extremely important to me because I was one of them and even though the economy was better back in 2006, it took me eight months to find a marketing job. I succeeded because I started six months before graduation, collected eight internships, seven leadership positions on campus and graduated with honors. ...
Jan 16