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Student team designs apps to help people with disabilities

When Maddie Rogers was in high school, her grandfather suffered a stroke. As with many stroke victims, the ordeal made communicating difficult. Rogers and her father, a software developer, looked for an app to help him express his needs and work on his speech. ...

Diversity and Disability

While diversity programs have promoted awareness and education into the workplace, diversity managers and administrators must continue to ensure that their workforces are fully inclusive.
Inclusion is the process of involving and valuing all people in an environment regardless of their differences. ...

What to Do when You're Unemployed (Besides Look for a New Job):

This isn't to say that you should invest everything you have into erecting a new company. But contact old connections or peers and see if they have any temporary open positions in their area of work – even if it's a field in which you're inexperienced. ...

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

How to Prepare for a Job Interview:

Bring your resume. When applying or interviewing for any job – even if it's just a busboy position at the local restaurant – it's always smart to bring a resume. To clarify, you should bring a formalized and detailed resume that accurately and fully captures your past experiences and achievements (not one with nothing but dates and lists of places where you've worked). ...

Jobs in Social Media

Jobs in Social Media
 You have a knack for innovative captions and eye-catching tweets, and you think your boisterous presence on social media truly demonstrates your talent for capturing a wide online audience. A job commandeering accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. ...