Increasing Female Employment rates will boost the GDP in OCED countries by 12%

The Global Women Principal PwC has released its ‘Women in Work Index’ research stating the progress made and emphasizing the need to make more attempts in increasing female employment rates. The research highlights the ups and downs in the Index across OCED (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries. ...
Mar 21

The changing face of HR legislation - are you keeping up to date?

Recent years have seen the role of the HR professional evolve. Job descriptions have expanded, remits changed and priorities shifted.
But despite these changes, compliance with legislation has maintained a steadfast presence on any HR professional’s radar. ...
Mar 16

How to Hire a Consultant: 10 Tips to Guide You

Here are 10 tips for hiring a consultant, coach, or other workplace/career consultant:
1. Make sure you need a one. Examine your current staffing/situation/skill set and make a calculated decision. What kind of help do you really need? Just because a consultant is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean they are more skilled. ...
Mar 7

Hire Wisely: The Long-Term Effects of Employing People with Disabilities

Benefits to your business can come in many forms – whether it’s making the most of business tax credits or making staffing decisions with long-term benefits, a lot of the destiny of your company’s success lies in your hands.
Hiring people with disabilities is one of those decisions that can yield benefits for many years to come – here are some of them. ...
Mar 2

How to Improve Teamwork

Effective collaboration is key to helping organizations achieve their goals. 
But creating and maintaining strong teams is easier said than done. There’s just too much work to do on a daily basis—deadlines to meet, reports to file, bosses to satisfy. ...
Feb 22

What Candidates REALLY Look for in a New Job

All things being equal job seekers prefer to choose a new role not on the basis of salary or job title but for the sake of the employer brand and organisational culture. A Korn Ferry study found 73 per cent of respondents claim their number one driver at work is doing a job that has meaning and purpose, while only 3 per cent say pay is the top driver. ...
Feb 13

3 Questions a Recruiter Will Ask When an Overqualified Person Applies

How many times have you seen a job listing that’s made you say, “Wow, that looks interesting, but I’m way too experienced?” This used to happen to me a lot—especially as I started advancing through the ranks of a sales organization. ...
Feb 9

GE’s Move into Digital Necessitated ‘Blitzscale’ Hiring

Amber Grewal, GE Digital’s vice president of talent acquisition, shares how her team did it
GE was tasked with aggressively recruiting in a new market after it formed its digital transformation business GE Digital in 2012. ...
Feb 3

Professors and Students Team Up to Provide Toys for Children With Disabilities

Scarlett Wilgis is a four-year old with cerebral palsy. In the past, her family has had trouble finding toys that meet her needs because she cannot open her hands without difficulty and needs assistance getting around.
As her mother Dezaraye Wilgis put it, “”Finding the toys at Walmart or Target, they’re pretty much non-existent, or if you get them through a medical supplier they’re extremely expensive. ...
Jan 24

Which Is Better for Your Career - College or a Coding Bootcamp?

How is a BS from a big name Computer Science university different from an intense bootcamp coding training? Let’s first get the job/salaries thing out of the way. Diligently doing a good programming boot camp can probably get you the same job as a new grad software engineer from one of these universities and be able to hold on to it. ...
Jan 19